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A nationally-known presenter, consultant, university and college professor, disaster responder, and psychotherapist, Dr. Ullman is an expert in the social neuroscience of sexual addiction, childhood trauma ,and psychological disorders that often result. For more than 2.5 decades Dr Ullman has specialized in the neuropsychological research, diagnostic evaluation, and clinical treatment of sexual addiction, eating disorders, those that self-harm, disorders of attention, rage reactions, disorders of attachment, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and disorders of frontal lobe impairment, or executive dysfunction, that result from early childhood trauma, known collectively as disorders of impulse control and arousal dysregulation.

Dr Ullman uses a social neuroscience lens to diagnose and treat these devastating conditions that more often than not occur secondary to a toxic childhood during periods of critical neurodevelopment. As a clinically trained cognitive-behavioral psychologist with a psychoanalytic background and decades of academic and clinical training in the neuropsychological testing and assessment of trauma, Dr Ullman is uniquely qualified in the assessment and application of these difficult to treat childhood traumas and adult disorders.


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